Project Description

As part of the construction of a 6-storey flat development, Land Science conducted a Phase I and Phase II geotechnical and geo-environmental investigation. The geotechnical investigation was required to provide an interpretation of ground conditions with respect to foundations while the geo-environmental investigation was to provide a generic quantitative risk assessment (GQRA) in respect of the proposed redevelopment, adjacent land uses, and the wider environment, in the context of the planning regime.

A full desk study was conducted in preparation for the intrusive investigation. A programme of Cable Percussive boreholes and the installation of monitoring wells was instituted in order together the necessary information. A series of tests were conducted on the soil recovered to accurately characterise it, these included Particle Size Distribution tests along and Atterberg Limit (Plasticity Index) Tests.

    Geotechnical & Geo-Environmental
    Putney Bridge Road, London