Project Description

Land Science was instructed to conduct a Phase I and Phase II Geotechnical and Geo-environmental investigation regarding a proposed residential development by a long standing, repeat client. This investigation was required to provide an interpretation of ground conditions with respect to foundations, pavements, concrete specification, excavations, and basement construction along with a generic quantitative risk assessment (GQRA) in respect of the proposed redevelopment, adjacent land uses, and the wider environment, in the context of the planning regime.

Due to the detailed nature of the geotechnical parameters required, a work programme that included Dynamic (window) Sampler boreholes, Rotary Core boreholes, Foundation Exposure pits, and a Falling Head Soakage Test (FHST) was defined. Furthermore, monitoring wells were installed in several key positions and a full desk study was completed for the site.

    Geotechnical & Geo-Environmental
    Salcombe, Devon