Project Description

Working on behalf of the Department for Education, Land Science conducted a Phase II geotechnical and geo-environmental investigation on this site. Prior to this, Land Science had already conducted a Phase I geo-environmental investigation at the site. It was understood that a new secondary school for over 1000 pupils was to be constructed.

This involved the remodelling and repurposing of several existing buildings, along with the demolishing of others. The approved scheme of works included the excavation of numerous Dynamic (windowless) Sampler and Cable Percussive boreholes. A number of Super Heavy Dynamic Probes (SHDP) were sunk, while a series of monitoring wells were installed across the site. Additionally, Foundation Exposure pits were dug in key locations and in-situ Californian Bearing Ratio (CBR) tests were carried out.

Care was taken to not cause unnecessary disruption at to the adjacent educational facilities and works were successfully completed with no issues being raised. Following the site works, the required information was provided by Land Science to the client and subsequent works were recommended. Throughout this project, effective communication with the client and the local authority were necessary.

    Geotechnical & Geo-Environmental
    Harris Academy, Avery Hill