Geotechnical Laboratory

We have an in-house geotechnical laboratory at our headquarters in East Sussex

Geotechnical Laboratory

Land Science has an established in-house geotechnical laboratory based at our headquarters in Burgess Hill, East Sussex. Over the years, we have been expanding this facility, enabling us to carry out an increasing quantity of geotechnical laboratory testing on behalf of our clients whilst retaining full control over the quality of service and cost of the project. Laboratory testing is carried out to BS1377 standard.

Within the geotechnical laboratory, we can offer basic geotechnical classification testing including particle size distribution analysis, Atterberg limit testing and moisture content determination. In addition, our geotechnical testing services encompass quick undrained triaxial testing, metal and non-metal contaminants screening using portable XRF and field tests including plate bearing and in-situ CBR tests.

geotechnical laboratory

How Long Does It Take?

Analysis can be guaranteed on a 10-day turnaround to match our ground contamination testing services.
We are also able to offer premium 3-day and 5-day services for more demanding projects. 

For geotechnical testing and geochemical analysis that cannot be carried out within our own geotechnical laboratory, we have relationships with a range of reliable specialist laboratory partners whom offer both quality robust data and a fast, dependable service. Every project is different and we realise that not all areas of expertise are best covered internally, where certain aspects require professionals operating in highly specialised related fields. Please refer to our allied services and partners page for more information. 

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