Soil settlement and displacement is a key concern in geotechnical design. Being able to accurately determine these parameters when under the expected load of the proposed development allows for recommendations on suitable foundations and their subsequent design. Across a large site, the settlement of different materials can vary to quite a surprising degree. This can present an issue with visualising and interpreting the data.

To aid with this, we are pleased to announce that Land Science have recently acquired the PDisp program from Oasys Software. This specialist software allows for settlement across a site to be accurately calculated based upon any input soil parameters. A 3D display allows for easy visualisation while a tabular view provides specific values at any given point. The program works with both linear elastic and non-linear soil masses.

Settlement and displacement principally pose a risk to any buried utilities and the above building itself. Land Science have also purchased the XDisp program, which when combined with PDisp is able to carry out damage assessments on existing structures and utilities. The data acquired from the combination of these two programs will be a welcome addition to our reports, and further increase the ability of our team to advise on geotechnical design.

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