Just like the rest of the United Kingdom, we are entering the uncharted and possibly turbulent waters ahead of us. Imposed restrictions, for all our safety, are extensive and will have a profound affect on all industries.

Moving forward with these restrictions in mind, Land Science have safely shut down all currently ongoing site work and have switched entirely to office work from home for the time being. We will be remaining open throughout the entire lockdown period, as such our quoting service will remain in operation. This enables us to continue taking bookings for fieldwork commencing post lockdown and for new office-based works.

A friendly working community is very important to us here at Land Science, during these trying times mental health and wellbeing will be a serious concern for all affected. To ensure that all our staff keep well throughout, weekly virtual get togethers will be held to provide much needed social contact with people outside our immediate households.

Office contact will proceed as normal via the usual routes, via email or the telephone. This period, while unfortunate, will enable us to carry out a series of important tasks which include internal procedure review and to continue our pursuit of various accreditations under British Standards.

All of us here at Land Science extend our best wishes and sincerely hope that you and all your families are, and keep, well.

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