Project Description

Following on from a previous ground investigation conducted by Land Science in years past, the client for this project again approached Land Science for further work based upon the prior good experience. A series of new commercial properties, including a car park, were to be erected on the existing site.

Due to the location of the site and the stringent regulations relating to it, close co-operation between Land Science, the client and the local authority, with a particular focus on sustainability due to a local “EcoPort” designation, were necessary for success.

Geotechnical investigation was required to provide an interpretation of ground conditions with respect to foundations, pavements, concrete specification, excavations while geo-environmental testing was required to provide a generic quantitative risk assessment (GQRA) in respect of the proposed redevelopment, adjacent land uses, and the wider environment, in the context of the planning regime.

A full desk study was commissioned along with a series of Dynamic (windowless) Sampler and Cable Percussive boreholes. Laboratory testing at the Land Science in-house geotechnical laboratory was also carried out, including Water Content and Point Load Strength Index tests.

    Geotechnical & Geo-Environmental
    Commercial & Industrial