Project Description

Land Science was instructed to conduct a Phase I and Phase II Geo-Environmental investigation with regards to a hydrocarbon fuel spill. The aim of the investigation was to provide a generic quantitative risk assessment (GQRA) in respect of the site, adjacent land uses, and the wider environment.

The area under investigation was a commercial office property in the vicinity of the River Avon. It was also made aware to Land Science that a hydrocarbon sheen had been seen in a stream downslope to the east of the site, and that it was possible that the petroleum had reached the river.

A series of Dynamic (windowless) Sampler boreholes and Rotary boreholes were commissioned, along with the installation of monitoring wells. A programme of long-term monitoring was also conducted. Samples were recovered from the boreholes during drilling and water samples taken during return monitoring for a suite of geochemical testing, including but not limited to speciated TPH testing and Volatile Organic Carbon (VOC) screening.