Oil & Gas Exploration

In conjunction with our partners GeoRisk Ltd


Our colleagues at GeoRisk are offering a new, two phased search service to assess the likelihood of oil and gas exploration and production activity affecting your property:

  1. The quick check advises whether there is any chance of activity in your area
  2. The detailed full report assesses 7 key aspects of risk, provides a geological setting for the property and gives a comprehensive explanation of the exploration and production process

The recent debate on fracking has also served to focus public attention on the oil and gas exploration and production process in general, as it applies to onshore England. The main points of concern are:

  • Noise: caused by the drilling process which is usually 24 hours per day during a 1 to 2 month period
  • Increased heavy transport activity: inevitable during the site construction and drilling and subsequently from road tanker export activity during testing and production
  • Visual impact: usually avoided by natural screening, but the rig tower is often visible above trees and the site may be lit at night
  • Disruption: public disquiet, especially in the case of proposed fracking, can lead to noisy protests and the potential for transport disruption
  • Smell: not generally a problem with drilling, but stored oil on a producing site could result in petroleum odours
  • Of potentially more serious consideration are catastrophic events associated with drilling. While these are extremely rare (and with no significant incidents yet recorded onshore UK) they are:
  • Blow-out: uncontrolled eruption of oil or gas from the borehole leading to pollution
  • Subsidence: long-term extraction of oil and gas can lead to surface subsidence
  • Pollution: has been associated with fracking in the US and near surface spills can affect groundwater
  • Seismicity: small scale earthquake activity has been associated with fracking activity and water injection in the US

Our reports use publicly available information to review the level of historical and current oil and gas activity in the local area of a given property and indicate what probable risk exists (based on current knowledge) of activity in the future.

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