Laboratory Analysis

Land Science is proud to announce the launch of our in-house Laboratory.

Land Science Land Science offers basic geotechnical classification testing in-house, including:

  • Particle Size Distribution analysis
  • Atterberg Limit testing
  • Moisture Content determination

Analysis can now be guaranteed on a 10-day turnaround (to match our contamination testing) and to offer a premium 3-day and 5-day service for more demanding projects. 

We are also planning to increase our range of testing in the next 6 months to include:

  • Quick undrained triaxial testing
  • Metal and non-metal contaminants screening using Portable XRF
  • Field tests including Plate Bearing and in-situ CBR tests

Other geotechnical and geochemical analysis is subcontracted to specialist laboratories whom we have developed a strong working relationships with over the years, and whom offer both quality robust data on a dependable basis. 


Whilst always adaptable to any new situation or context, we are particularly active in relation to the following areas.


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